Poster Session

Poster Session 2018

Rules for the moderated poster session:

  1. Submission of the abstract is made by sending it by e-mail to: till October 31st 2018, with title: call for abstract.
  2. The abstract of the work that has not yet been published in full text may be submitted for presentation. However, it is possible to submit papers to be presented at this year's congresses of PTK, ESC, TCT, EuroPCR. Please indicate the eventual location of the previous presentation.
  3. The abstract should possess maximum 250 words and contain maximum 1 figure or 1 table. It should also be supplemented with information about the authors of the papers, including the author presenting the paper in case of its qualification for the presentation.
  4. Papers should be submitted and presented only in English. The submitted scientific abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee appointed by the Workshops Directors, and the top 10 papers will be qualified for presentation during NFIC.
  5. Authors will be notified electronically by November 8th, 2018 about the result of evaluation. Then the detailed instructions on how to prepare the poster will be sent. Authors of qualified posters will receive free registration for the entire NFIC 2018 Workshops.
  6. The poster’s presentation time is 5 minutes +additional 2 minutes for discussion with Jury. Presentations will be judged by the Jury appointed by the Directors of the Workshops. Featured papers will obtain the ability to accelerate publication in full text in “Advances in Interventional Cardiology”.
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