NFIC Transformative Technologies Area (TT Area)

NFIC Transformative Technologies Area (TT Area)

This year, the international New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology workshops are open to start-ups! During the 19th edition of one of the most prestigious cardiological congresses in Europe, we will see an area dedicated to young companies that offer innovative solutions from the med-tech segment.

New technologies are changing the way we look at contemporary cardiology and interventional cardiology. Internet of things, big data, cloud computing or machine and deep learning are solutions that propose better quality of treatment, build a better management organization, bring doctors closer to patients and form the foundation for creating new clinical algorithms. As organizers of NFIC, we believe that in the start-ups there is a huge capability for change. However, to be implemented, young companies need space to display their ideas and exchange experiences or contacts.

That is why the organizers of this year's NFIC workshops initiate a platform dedicated only to start-ups, where they will present their vision of the cardiology of tomorrow. Exhibitors will be seen by more than 1,000 recognized experts from around the world who take part in the event every year.

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