Social Media Impact in Interventional Cardiology

Social Media Impact in Interventional Cardiology

The 19th edition of the international New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology workshops will be the first ever cardiology congress with the live broadcast. Thanks to the power of social media, those who do not have the chance to attend a meeting in Krakow will feel like equal participants in the event.

Therefore, on Thursday, 6th December 2018, the session Innovations in interventions for coronaries, heart failure, valves and electrocardiology in 2018 and beyond. Part I will be the first live broadcast session to see on Facebook's NFIC profile. By using two 360 cameras, we will offer virtual participants the opportunity to choose different images - from the perspective of the panelist and straight from the operating room. Interested viewers will be able to ask questions or comment on the conclusions in real time, which means full participation in the discussion regardless of the actual place of stay.

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