European certification exam for interventional cardiologists

European certification exam for interventional cardiologists

This year, at the EuroPCR in Paris, a new certification for interventional cardiologists was carried out for the first time. Successful passing the exam is a chance to standardize treatment standards throughout the continent and and provide effective medical care regardless of the country.

For specialists, it is an opportunity to prove success on the path of training respected by the European Society of Cardiology and the possibility of employment in prestigious medical centers.

The exam was developed by prof. Dariusz Dudek, Chair of the Education and Training Committee of EAPCI and the newly elected President-Elect of the organization. In total, the exam consists of five parts and 100 single-choice questions.

People who will achieve diploma of EAPCI will be for sure good candidates to work with them as they will be certified specialists in interventional cardiologists. - Prof. Dudek

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